Doi Tee Doo

Sea of Fog at Doi Tee Doo

Doi Tee Doo, a brand-new location to spot the sea of fog in Nan

Nan a charming city in the north of Thailand ranks as the top 5 regarding the most popular attractions in Thailand. According to many contents in the social network mention to the place as a lovely and romantic old city and charming atmosphere with plentiful of tourism resource. And it has launched the newest tourist spot called ‘Doi Tee Doo,’ recently. The high-rise attraction that officially opened on November 5, 2017, is situated just about 29 km from Nan city town and is not too far from other popular tourist attractions in Nan, also. Doi Tee Doo is a peak that provides a beautiful landscape that any visitor would love to see and touch this magnificent experience by oneself. 

About the Doi Tee Doo

View point at Doi Tee Doo

‘Doi Tee Doo’ is a peak that is high about 700-meter from the sea level. It is a Hmong tribe village that is located on the route of highway number 1091 (Nan – Payao), Sa Nian sub-district, Mueang Nan District just about 29 km from the city town or about 35 minutes’ drive. Formerly, the villagers did the crop-farming for life until there is a lady who is a pioneer to make this place to be an attraction named Nattawadee Sae Li or Khun Jee.

In the beginning, her family did farming around this area, and she noticed that it is a beautiful place to see the sea of fog here. Therefore, with the cooperation among the family to clear the land. And then there were a people in the village, the Department of Forestry, and the government bureau office joined in to build a bamboo walkway to stretch out from the foot of the hill. The way facilitates to the people to stand and see the sea of fog in the morning that cuddled by the verdant mountain range and cool gentle breeze. 

Tee Doo comes from a native ethnic language which means “near the horizon“. The peak is an ideal place to witness the sea of mist rolling along the mountain at sunrise. With its height about 700 meters from the sea level especially the spot that offers the most beautiful and most explicit scene of the sea of mist offering the visitors a significant experience an authentic feeling to reaching out to touch the fog on the horizon.

Visit the Doi Tee Doo

Doi Tee Doo at Nan

As on the purpose of the villagers to maintain its natural beauty and atmosphere until the drowning, therefore Doi Tee Dung is neither electricity nor tourism facilities to harm its ecosystem and inherent fairness like other places. Instead, there is only lamps and the stars in the sky that shining and giving the light for the area during the night time.

Besides the pleasant view in the morning, the peak is also an excellent location for sunset spot as well. Also, there is a camping area that is a perfect hideaway for one who would like to spend time in a rustic, peaceful and friendly circumstance on the mountain where is no any electricity (only electrical power from the generator during 6 pm – 10 pm). What is better than to lie on the ground to spot the starry night with the cold and pleasant weather. It is just like heaven, isn’t it?


Staying overnight at Doi Tee Doo, for one who brings own tent supply is charged THB50 for the location fee. On the other hand, renting tent supply of the place is THB150 per set for 2 persons included lining sheet, pillow, blanket, and a small lamp. The location provides the restroom and bathroom; nonetheless, they are not quite convenient as much. And as mentioned previously, the local would like to reserve the spot as long as possible.

So, it is limited offer for the visitors to stay overnight that is just only ten tents per night to avoid to disturb and harm to nature and allow the tourists to enjoy the time suitably. At the camping location, there are rubbish bags located around the area for the visitors to keep the place clean, and some shops and food stalls are served for the tourists, too.

A recommendation to the visitors is having a hot serve of slow-cooked chicken noodle. Imagine to take a seat at the place surrounded by a flawless beauty of the view, and enjoy a breakfast which is an Indochina pan-fried egg with toppings in my homemade Thai style sausage. Plus, a cup of hot coffee. Therefore, it offers a fabulous morning with the cold weather. 

Support the community

Restaurant in the mountain Nan

Apart from the rich of the natural beauty of the place, Doi Tee Doo has a community market providing many local products for the visitors to sightsee and shop whether agricultural products or traditional products and foods. Furthermore, there are some small food stalls and coffee shops for the tourists to rest and chill out as well.

And there are exciting activities for the tourists to have some fun such as Hmong’s playing on the swing, strawberry farm tour that needs to ask for permission from the owner before collecting the strawberry, getting the native costume and photo taking as a memorial, etc. 

Tourist information

Enjoy camping on Mountain

Doi Tee Doo is free of the admission fee; however, all visitors should realise and behave as an excellent visitor to maintain its environment and nature. For example, do not throw any rubbish, do not step on any crop and flower farms, show respect and kindness to the residents and other visitors, follow the rules and regulations of the place. With these will bring about the place to be a sustainable tourism attraction as long as possible.

Getting Doi Tee Doo

Travel to Doi Tee Doo from Nan city town drives along the highway number 1091 route Nan – Payao along the paved way. The place is located nearby the road without parking, so the visitor needs to park along the side of the road.

And for anyone who does not have own transportation, takes the pick-up truck service at the Nan transportation. However, there are just a few trips per day, so please ask the exact time from the driver to avoid to miss the lift to come back from the place to the city town.


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