Thai Foot Massage

Thai foot massage

Well-being with “Thai Foot Massage”

Today, Thai foot massage is very popular in massage and spa places. Some may think that this because our feet have its routine to carry our bodyweight 24/7 so to offer them good retreat is not a bad idea. 

It not only to be relaxed from the “foot massage” it also motivates organ function effectiveness and soothe some disease too. This is caused from our foot being a center of every organ in our body, so the proper foot massage and reflexology can make us to be relaxed and well-being.

As we will always need our feet to take us to anywhere so the foot massage is a good way to treat our feet especially for a good massage which provides us its benefits obviously in positive way to our health. That is why the foot massage becomes a part of our life unquestioningly.

What is Thai Foot Massage?

The foot massage is a therapeutic method that related to function of organs. As we know any function in our body is very complex and every single one is cross-link astonishingly. Any pressure in some part of the body affect to some sickness that is definitely means unless we motivate or treat to bring about a reflective reaction at other point it is able to heal the problem.

“Foot Massage” has been covered for long time by traditional Chinese medicine, on another hand there were some discovery in Europe and America regarding foot spots that related intensely to the function of other organs all through the body. There are some studies in medical science in anatomy and founded that “reflexology” in foot massage produces reflective reaction and that is another method for sickness remedy and rejuvenate our health besides prescription usage from modern medicine.  

For summary, the foot massage affects to internal organs of the body that is not only to retreat health but also positive to our beauty too. This is as a result from body mechanism to be more effective hence our skin and hair can be healthier too. 

Pressure Points in the Foot

Points to press in Foot

Although identifying pressure points on the foot is complex, at its most basic, each foot corresponds to organs, bones and systems on that side of the body. Different points are located on the inner and outer foot as well as the bottom and top of each foot. Most maps of pressure points break it down further to identify specific parts of the foot that stimulate specific regions of the body and further still to identify specific body parts. For example, everything above the base of the toes corresponds to the shoulder line of the body, including the head, sinuses, jaw, teeth, ears and throat. The tip of the big toe typically corresponds to the brain, while the base of the big toe relates to the neck.

Principles to Do Thai Foot Massage

Principles to do foot massage

There is an important thing to acknowledge regarding the foot massage are;

Division of the body

  • Vertical division of body: It starts from both hands up to head, and from head pass the body to both feet. Then the body is divided to 2 sides; left and right and there is 5 parts each. There is connection of each toe to fingers is part 1 is connected from foot thumb to thumb for example.
  • Horizontal division of body: Our foot consists of 26 pieces of bone that are 14 pieces of finger bones, 15 pieces of sole bones and 7 pieces of ankle bones. A line at shoulder girdle is same as a finger bone connected to sole bone. A body line at waist level is in the middle of foot which is same line to the sole bone connected to condyle.

Associated part:

Following 10 parts in vertical, arms and legs are associated with relational pair; shoulder and hip, ankle and knee and hand and foot for example.

Relation of spot on sole and organs in the body:

This is based on a reflex reaction of nerve conduction that connected to foot. It is divided to 4 parts are head, chest, abdominal, and pelvis. The relation of spot on sole and back of foot to the organs are;

  • Head and neck is located at toe.
  • Backbone is located inside of both feet
  • Chest is located at both feet along the vertical line of shoulder girdle to diaphragm.
  • Pelvis is located near the end of the heel and side by ankle.
  •  Ductless gland is located at side nearby ankle.
  • Abdominal is located in the middle of both soles.
  • Arm and leg are located at outer foot.
  • Lymph and breast are located at the top of foot above the ankle.

Technic and direction to do Thai foot massage 

It is not so difficult to learn and practice the foot massage by yourself. Once we have enough skill we are able to do the massage to ourselves, family or friend. This will bring us good feeling and healthy. And here we brought you some simple way to do “foot massage at home” which can soothe you from stress, tension, pain and ache. There are 5 strategic spots that will stimulate a blood circulation.

Start with a preparation of things to use in this massage are 1). Chair with backrest 2). Plastic bowl to soak your feet 3). Foot towel 4). Body cream or essential oil as prefer. 

Then follow these steps;

  • Wash your feet well and put into a bowl containing warm water and soak in for about 5-10 minutes, you can add some drops of aroma oil in the warm water.
  • Then take your feet out of the water and compress with hot towel around right leg and foot while we are doing a massage left leg.
  • Apply cream or essential oil thorough the left foot and up to shin and calf. 

Start the massage at 5 spots

At a spot in the middle of thumb:

Press and rub gently for a while and push harder. Then use four fingers hold back of the foot of each foot and then use thumb press at the middle under big toe. A direction is place thumb at the middle of both big toes which influence to ductless glands resulting body function will work properly, and this spot is linked to pituitary gland that produces many important hormones.

At area of under hill of sole:

By use the remained fingers to hold the back of foot, then press both thumbs. One press at hill of middle and ring toe between of big toe and index toe. How to massage is use left thumb press under hill of sole. Continue to massage about 5 minutes.

At a spot under ankle bone:

Use your fingers to press at the spot by eventually press. This spot is connected to uterine, it can heal and prevent menstruation pain. Press harder smoothly and then release, continue to do this for a while.

At a side near the edge of sole:

Press your thumbs at the spot that related to any illness occurred to women such as urinary bladder pain and inflammation. Press and release.

At inner side of foot along the middle line of heel:

Press index finger onto the spot and another hand hold the foot. This spot affects to uterine directly as will help to promote a menstruation system and impotence remedy.

And then if your still need some more massage you can do a regular massage by use thumb to rub all toes then move down to the back of the foot that is critical spot particularly for any women who love to wear high-heel and can apply any ointment or massage oil. Then move down to sole by use both thumbs to rub in circle and finish this massage at the heel by use both thumbs to press at side of sole and the rest of fingers fit together and continue to massage about 30-60 minutes as prefer.   

Thai foot massage stick

The stick and balm to do massage on foot

It is a thing that we often see together with the Thai foot massage, “Thai foot massage stick” is as complimentary for the massage which invented to do more accurate in compression and reflexology, and of course it is force saving tool for the therapist from too much using of their hands and fingers. 

Mostly the stick is made from hard wood for example tamarind wood. It is 2 forks shape and the way to use it is; fork part is used for nape muscle and backbone line. While a handle is used for shoulder, arm, leg, back including to any strategic spots that can retreat any pain and ache in muscle and ligament.

Things to Know before Get the Thai Foot Massage


  • Have severe stomachache
  • Be exhausted or weak
  • Have high fever
  • Had accident, broken bone, dislocation of joint or clubfeet
  • Had surgery
  • Have dermatitis or skin inflammation
  • Been bitten by poisonous animals
  • Have heart decease, uremic, or cerebral congestion
  • Take poison or drugs
  • Women during period
  • Got clog or inflammation in blood and lymph vein
  • Immediately after meal or shower


  • Drink a glass or 300-500 cc of warm water or herbal drinks within half an hour after massage to detoxify.
  • Do not take shower, hair wash or wash feet immediately after massage, should wait at least an hour.
  • In case of illness retreat, should avoid to eat citrus, bamboo sprout, shrimp and beef

Benefits of the Thai Foot Massage

  1. Promote a blood circulation to nourish foot
  2. More flexible in foot
  3. Relax foot muscle
  4. Better weight carries for foot
  5. Soothe headache
  6. Rejuvenate a body to be more fresh and active
  7. Reduce tension and stress
  8. Balance to a body
  9. Make skin to be nourishing and radiant

Directions for Thai Foot Massage

Tourists are relaxing on massage
  • Wash foot with soap, warm water and wipe with alcohol every time before start the massage.
  • Begin the massage at the left foot since it is the heart spot in order to stimulate the blood flow.
  • For the therapists, do waggle along with the stroke of compress, pressing to avoid any pain or ache may occur for them.
  • When compress to any spots, should do hold, stress and still by count 1-10.
  • Do apply cream periodically while doing the massage to make good flow in touch.
  • The inner foot is an area nearby sole of thumb side, and the outer foot is an area nearby sole of little toe.

The foot massage is another method of the art of traditional Thai massage which is very popular for both Thai and foreigners with the way it can heal and soothe your health in both body and mind. So-called the heritage from Thai wisdom that is accept as an alternative way to retreat many kind of illness and unstable in the body. So it is something we recommend you do not miss.


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