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Phu chi dao peak of mountain in Chiang rai,Thailand

To mention to ‘Phu Chi Dao‘ is may unfamiliar in general since it is a new tourist attraction to spot the sea of fog. The place is sited under the administration of Po sub-district, Wiang Kaen, Chiang Rai. A highlight here is the top of this cliff which features a striking 360-degree view and free from any blockage neither tree nor construction. The spot has only the bamboo fence as a barrier for the sake of visitor’s safety. A place is rich and abundant in natural resources – mountain, plants, and the sea of fog. Many say that it is the Most beautiful location to have a glimpse of the sea of fog in Thailand.

About the Place

Phu Chi Dao locates at Po sub-district, Wiang Kaen, Chiang Rai between Phu Chi Fah and Pha Tung Peak, near Phi Chi Deun. A 1,800-meter height of Phu Chi Dao is higher than Phu Chi Fah and Pha Tung Peak. A highlight of Phu Chi Dao is a spectacular view that raises up to the sky consequent to its name as Phu Chi Dao which means Reaching the Star Peak. The location offers the visitors with a 360-degree picturesque scene of sunrise cuddled by the gentle sea of fog that rolls by in the towering mountain range at dawn. Furthermore, the famous Phu Chi Fah and Doi Pha Tang are also within the sight with a curved river Khong and versant forest as a natural backdrop.

Phu Chi Dao officially opened to the public in the late of 2016. However, the place is not suitable to visit during the rainy season thence the place is plentiful with rich of diver logical. There are insect, bug, gnat, and slug live in general, therefore leech proof sock, insect repellent and ointment are recommended for all visitors to bring along. Since the location is not renowned widely among the tourists resulting there are a few people to visit and glance the sea of fog at this peak. Fortunately, the place has been developing to be a misty sea viewpoint destination that features the second to none mystic landscape in Thailand.

An ideal hideaway destination

The visitors who travel to the Phu Chi Dao mostly are ones who yearn for tranquillity, quiet, and nature. So, the place is a dream hideaway destination indeed. Nevertheless, the location is not suitable for children and seniority according to the path to reach the target destination is high and need to climb up along the mountain ridge. Thus, it may not be a good idea for them to take this journey. Further, the rim of the mountain here is not spacious plus there is deep abyss in both sides of the path resulted in an inconvenient way that may cause an accident in particular to any children and old people.

the Mist in the Morning at Phu Chi Dao

Apart from that, there is neither accommodation nor food stall at Phu Chi Dao. So, the visitor should prepare drinking water and inhalant for the trip. Moreover, leech proof sock is recommended as well, since the place is damp, so it is possible to face some gnat, bug, or leech.

Travel to the Phu Chi Dao

See Sunset in Phu Chi Dao mountain

According to the road up to the mountain is harsh and high, so the 4 x 4 vehicle is highly recommended. There are 2 directions to reach Phu Chi Dao which are;

Phu Chi Fah route:

Travel in this way uses the path Phu Chi Fah – Pha Tang. The distance from Phu Chi Fah to Phu Chi Dao is 12 km approximate. The direction will lead you to the entrance to Rom Pho Ngern village, then drives until reaching at Moo 11. Then the signage of Phu Chi Dao is on the right.

Pha Tang route:

From Wiang Kaen, drives on the highway Pha Tang – Phu Chi Fah. And about 12 km before arrives Phu Chi Fah, there is signage to Phi Chi Dao on the left where is Moo 11 of Rom Pho Ngern village.

And from the gangway, drives more 3 km up to the mountain and then continue making on the concrete road about 500 meters. It is narrow and steep, nonetheless, the shady trees are along both sides of the way.

For anyone with a sedan car or any other type of vehicles that are not proper for a tough road. The tourist can get the local pick-up truck service with experiences to the way. The cost for pick-up truck service is THB70 per person for the rounded trip, and rental fee for a small group starts from THB500 per rounded trip. The tourist can book for the truck service at the resort you stay. There are many accommodations around the area of Phu Chi Fah and near the hill of Phu Chi Dao that are all convenient for the tourist to get to the peak.

From the drop-off area, the tourist must continue to the destination by foot about 300 metres more. The walkway is along the mountain ridge and takes time about 20 minutes approximate. The peak of Phu Chi Dao is not spacious ground, and there is a bamboo barricade around the edge of the cliff for safety. The summit features the visitors the magnificent and never-ending view without any blockage. And positively perfect viewpoint to glance the sea of fog and the range of mountain in the morning.

Accommodation nearby Phu Chi Dao

Presently, there is no any accommodation facility at the location. Therefore, the visitors have to stay the night at the accommodations that located near Phu Chi Dao or Phu Chi Fah. However, a plan to develop the parking at the top of the mountain to camping style accommodation is on a process. Should any visitor is interested in camping at the site, please contact and inform your enquiry in prior. It is crucial to get a permit beforehand. More than that, all of the tourists should have a good sense of travel to maintain the beautiful attractions with us for a long time.

Phu Chi Dao in the night time

The tourist that would like to visit this new tourist attraction should study any necessary information of the place and prepare well for the trip. Or any inquiries, please contact the Subdistrict Administrative Organization of Po at call 053 602 742, 053 602 743. And for the foreigner, it is a good idea to get the information from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Chiang Rai office.  


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