Khao Lak Beach

Khao Lak beach- Phang Nga Thailand

Khao Lak Beach at Phang Nga in the south of Thailand is another renowned tourist’s attraction of this province with its natural beauty of the soft velvet sand, crystal-clear water, and wide stripe beach that is slightly descending to the sea and environed the area with the green pine trees. Apart from the natural attraction, Khao Lak Beach is also lots of entertainment shops including bars and restaurants for the visitors to enjoy. However, the place is also known as the most miserable site from the disaster of Tsunami that wiped out the Andaman coast of Thailand on December 26, 2004.

That incident brought about the enormous loss of both life and property for the local and tourists. In particular, the tourism was declined from the numbers of the tourists that decrease rapidly, although the place still keeps its beauty or even prettier than previously. So, today we would like to introduce you the tourist again one of the most charming beaches in Thailand “Khao Lak”.

Background of Khao Lak Beach

Khao Lak Beach’ nestles within Khao Lak – Lam Ru National Park where is former Khao Lak Beach Forest Park under the administration of the National Park Division. Afterwards, in 1984 a village headman within Kapong district submitted the letter to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives of which that the area of Ka Pong district in Phang Nga included to Lam Ru Waterfall is the lovely and beautiful site. The location of the place is in Khao Ka Dai Mountain Range Preserved Forest with the production of various species of wildlife and plants that are worthwhile to preserve its natural resources.

Thence, in 1985, the National park Division assigned the officers to set up the place to be the National Park and named “Lam Ru Waterfall National Park”. After that, the National Park Division continued the survey of the area and found that the space of Lam Run Waterfall and the forest where is the source of water of Lam Kaen district is abundant with a lot of strength in its natural characteristics to be the National Park. Therefore, in 1988 the National Park Division considered and proclaimed of the settlement of “Khao Lak – Lam Run National Park” which is the area of Khao Lak Beach and Lam Ru Waterfall as the 66th National Park of Thailand.

Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park

The National Park covers the area of Takua Pa, Kapong, Thai Mueang, and Muaeng district of Phang Nga where is a verdant forest that rich in its natural resources including the valuable plants and diverse species of wildlife. The geography, in general, is the complexity of the high mountains which are Khao Lak, Khao Lam Ru, Khao Saeng Thong, Khao Mai Kaew, and Khao Plai Bang To with the highest peak is 1,077 meters above the sea level which is the origin of the essential rivers in Pang Nga. The climate of the national park is plenty of rain all through the year because of the location which is nearby the coast. There are only 2 seasons at the park which are the summer begins in January to April and the rainy season begins in May to December.

The Tourist Attractions at Khao Lak Beach

Khao Lak Beach where used to be Khao Lak Forest Park is characterised as a submerged shoreline and beach with a pleasant view, as well as the location of the Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park. The beach locates about 33 km from Takua Pa district to Thai Muaeng. At the site, there is a Chao Pho Khao Lak (God Spirit) Shrine that is praised by the political opposites to the beach. The area consists of the rock cape, rock beach, sand beach, and the footprint on the stone situated under the banyan tree.

Moreover, the place also offers the viewpoint and the nature trail route from the national park to Lek Beach with about 2 km of the distance along the coast. Further, there is the long-distance nature trail from the park to Ton Chong Fah Waterfall within 9 km of its reach, as well. The location of Khao Lak Beach is quite ok for the snorkelling activity.

Apart from the beach that the tourists can entertain, there are other interesting spots that we don’t want you to miss the opportunity to sightsee as by following;

1. Klong Lam Ru Yai (Canal)

Klong Lam Ru Yai (Canal)

Lam Ru Yai Canal is a large size of the creek which consists of many little streams. Each one has its beauty, for example, Wang Kluay Tuen Waterfall, a 7-tier of the medium-high of the cascade that is very lovely. Lam Ru Yai Canal is a primary origin of water of Thai Muaeng district.

2. Ton Chong Fah Waterfall

Ton Chong Fa in khao lak Phangnga South of Thailand

The fall origins from Bang Nieng Canal consists of 5 main levels. The large size waterfall is not less in its beauty from others. To travel to the waterfall can go by the Petchkasem Road and turns to Wat Panasnikom in Bang Nieng village about 5 km. The park provides the visitors with the nature trail along the hill to the waterfall with about 9 km of the distance.

3. Lam Prao Waterfall and Hin Lard Waterfall

Lam Prao Waterfall and Hin Lard Waterfall

Both waterfalls origin from Plai Bang To Canal and both of them situated in the same brook. Lam Prao Waterfall is 3-tier, on the other side, Hin Lard is 2 levels fall. To go to the location can drive on the road number 4090 and turns to Ban Thung Kha Ngok. Then, drives more 4 km and walks to the waterfall.

4. Lam Ru Waterfall

Lam Ru Waterfall at Khao Lak-Phang Nga Thailand

Lam Ru Waterfall is a medium size cascade which consists of 5 levels. The fall has plenty of water all year round with the lovely scenery of the place. To go to Lam Ru Waterfall drives on the highway number 4090 (Kapong district-Ban Kapong-Lam Ru village). And drives pass Kapong district office to Lam Ru Village about 9 km and then heads more 1 km to the destination.

5. Had Lek (Lek Beach)

Hadlek Beach Khao Lak- Phang Nga Thailand

Had Lek is a duvet-soft powdery white sand and quiet beach where is ideal for chillaxing, swimming, and diving. The beach is accessible by foot about 1.5 km from the national park office. The walkway cut through the beach forest and the coast of Khao Lak.

For further information, the tourists can contact at Khao Lak – Lam Ru National Park call +667648 5243 or email

Get to Know about Khao Lak Beach

Khao Lak Beach situates at Thai Luang district in Phang Nga province. The beach is filled with a super soft white sand and is not too much slope resulted it is perfect for the swim. Moreover, the place is so peaceful and shady with the pine trees that covering all around the area. So, it can say that this is a charming place to relax and chill out.

Small Sandy Beach at Lam Ru national park in Khao Lak

Khao Lak – Lam Ru National Park” where is the location of the beach divided into 2 main parts which are the beach and the waterfall.

Beach in National Park

The first part is the location of the national park office at the space at the end of Khao Lak Beach. There are 2 beaches that the tourist can walk from the national park office. The first beach is approximately 200 m from the office to the northwest which is convenient to go there by foot. Actually, this beach is the continuous part from Khao Lak Beach, but it is blocked from Khao Lak Beach by the group of rocks. A small beach with less than 100 meters long is the egg-shell coloured sandy beach with some various size of stones scattered around the front of the beach resulted it is not entirely suitable for the swim.

However, the beach is shady with the lush trees and pleasant atmosphere, so it is the right place to relax and get some nice breeze than water playing. And further, from the beach, it is the location of the national park guesthouse (just 100 meters from the beach) which was built in the seaside bungalow style facing to the sea. The bungalow is nice, clean, and air-conditioned with the price per night is only THB500.

Had Lek

Another beach called “Had Lek” which means small beach. The beach is reachable by foot from the park office. There are 2 directions to reach there, first is a nature trail which is 1.5 km walkway from the office. There are 2 more forks from the main road which lead to “the Miracle Footprint” subsidence of the rock which looks similar to the human footprint. The location is about 50 m from the beginning of the trail. And “the Viewpoint” that features the Khao Lak beach continually to the coral cape at the end of Khuk Khak Beach (about 250-350 meters from the starting point of the trail).

A nature trail to Had Lek is quite a rough way skirting the cliff along the coast, and some are the very slope. So, the tourist needs to walk carefully. Anyhow, in case the tourist would not like to use this direction, there is another option to go. The way needs to go back to the gangway of the national park office and walk along the Petchkasem Road (the Highway number 4) to Lam Kaen sub-district, Thai Muaeng district about 900 meters.

And please notice for a small guardhouse and a barrier gate of the park on the right side of the road. Then, please see the officers in the guardhouse for your purpose to walk to Had Lek and walk more about 400 meters you will arrive at the destination.

How to get to Had Lek

For one who travels by the motorbike that can rent at Bang Sak-Khao Lak Beach can park the bike around the area next to the guardhouse and then walk to the beach (if you have not paid for the entrance fee at the national park office you can pay here). And there is a parking nearby the road for anyone who travels by car or hired pick-up truck which is just 200 m from the guardhouse.

However, space is limited, so in case that you cannot park there, you need to park at the park office at walk here. Notwithstanding, the second route to Had Lek is more convenient than the former and takes only 15-20 minutes while the first option takes about 30-45 minutes’ walk excluded checking in at the Miracle Footprint and the Viewpoint.

Had Lek” although it is just only 100-meter long beach it is not less in its beauty and isolating from the busyness. Most of the space is the light brown sandy beach that quite similar to other beaches, but it is distinctive with the radiant silver shade of sand in some part of the beach. The significant glittering silver sand created this beach to be outstanding. And the emerald water here is more transparent than the Khao Lak beach area which is suitable for the swim and quite ok for snorkeling.

However, there are some ridges spread over the space, so please be careful. Any visitors who seek for somewhere with a private and tranquil environment, visiting and staying the night at the accommodation at Had Lek is another good idea apart from the Khao Lak and Khuk Khak Beaches.

How to Go to Khao Lak Beach

By Car:

From Bangkok, drives on the highway number 4 (Petchkasem Road) and drives pass Ranong province to Takua Pa, Pang Nga. Then, keeps driving through Bang Sak Beach, Pakarang Cape, Khuk Khak Beach, Bang Nieng Beach, and Nang Thong Beach. Khao Lak – Lam Ru National Park office is just 50 meters from the main road with Pho Ta Khao Lak Shrine as a landmark of the place.

By Bus:

There are many operators provide the trip to go to the destination from the Southern Bus Terminal both regular bus and air-conditioned bus. The buses either Bangkok – Phuket or Bangkok – Phang Nga depart from the Southern Bus Terminal daily. However, we recommend taking the one that travels on the old route to pass Takua Pa and gets off and Ban Bang Nieng Station or Lam Kaen Station. And gets the pick-up truck or motorcycle to the park.

By Plane:

The tourist can get the flight to Phuket International Airport and then takes the transport to the national park.


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