Top Things to Do in Phang Nga

Things to do in Phang nga Thailand

Revitalize body and mind with 11things to do in Phang-Nga, the land of the simple life

Gaining ultimate happiness from travel sometimes is comfortable with just an idyllic place where you will experience a kind of ordinary life of the people. So simple but for someone who would like to escape from the chaos in the crowded and busy city, the rustic lifestyle would be a great idea to rejuvenate your body and mind. And Phang-Nga a beautiful gem of the Andaman Sea is a location we would like to invite you to visit and touch the simplicity of this charming province in the south of Thailand. Phang-Nga is more than you might know from the world’s top destination among the tourist from all over the globe like Similan Islands, Surin Islands, or Pang Nga Bay.

Instead, this city also fruitful in the historical and cultural attractions and the lovely simple way of life has waited for the travelers to touch and indulge with the special moment while you’re visiting here. The homely community, notable holy places the center of mind and belief of the locals, or natural-like spa that you can choose as your secret shelter. Certainly, those mentioned above you can find in Phang-Nga.

1Wat Suwan Khuha

Wat Tham Suwan Khuha cave. The golden reclining Buddha is a tourist attraction in Phang Nga

Or better known locally “Wat Tham Suwan Khuha” or “The Golden Cave Temple,” a splendid old Buddhist monastery which is rich in historical and archeological value. Wat Suwan Khuha is a venue that King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) visited and engraved the monogram “Jor Por Ro 109” inside the cave, also many monograms of other royal family members. Within the monastery complex are many remarkable caverns, such as Tham Yai, Tham Chaeng, Tham Mue, and Tham Kaeo. The location is beautiful natural circumstance and valuable in history, unsurprisingly it’s one of the top must-visit attractions among the tourists who visit Phang-Nga.

2Lad Long Lae

Things to do in Phang Nga -shop in Long Lae Market

A place we can call “the Hidden Gem of Phang-Nga,” Lad Long Lae a local market in Ka Lai sub-district, Takua Thung district in Phang-Nga that you will touch the feeling of traditional life. However, the place may be a middle of nowhere unless for the residents. So, after you follow the map to the market, you will see the simple style of the local market surrounded by the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of forest and mountain that everything here is impressive.

If you would like to go to Lad Long Lae, the market is at Moo 6, Ban Bang Nu Village. When you arrive at Subdistrict Administrative Organization – Ka Lai and about a kilometer and you notice the sign of local shop called “Je Daeng” on the right, then you turn left to cross the bridge and keep going straight in about 2.1 km the destination is on the left hand.

3Koh Panyee

Things to do in Phang Nga- Visit Koh Punyee village

A significant local tourist attraction of Phang-Nga where the place is extraordinary from elsewhere you have visited. Koh Panyee is the floating village in the sea with only 1,600 sqm of the flat land with approximately 300 households on the island. The geography of the island, in general, is the high and steep limestone mountains environed by the various scale of islands. And the space of land on this community is limited resulted in it is the center of the village and religion whereas houses, shops, and schools located in the water.

Consequently, when the tide is high “Panyee Village” looks similar to the floating community and when the low tide you will witness over a hundred residences set over the pillar that installed within the mud which is the same way since the establishment of the community. Strolling about Koh Panyee to witness the rustic style of life and shop some local products here is a must-not-miss thing to do if you have a chance to come to this fantastic island. In particular, Nam Prik Kung Sieb (dried shrimp chili dip) the famous local food that one at Ko Panyee is top of the list.

4Takua Pa District

Takuapa Old Town

Fulfill your journey at sea and natural attractions in Phang-Nga, and you should not skip touching the unique and charming living of the old city of Pang-Nga at Takua Pa which well-known among the travelers “the Old District of Pang-Nga.” Lesser in space but it’s not less in its charming to Phuket Old District. Takua Pa district for over decades in the past was the crowded and prosperous region of the south as the manufacturing base of mining of a group of Chinese.

What makes the place is so exciting to visit are the magnificent Chino-Portuguese style architectures projected the ambiance of the old days very well. Along the 5 primary roads of this area namely Si Takua Pa, Udom Thara, Klankaeo, Montri 2, and Na Muaeng road which the most important one is Si Takua Pa Road as the center of the community are plenty of Chino-Portuguese buildings line up crowdedly and completely condition. Also, the town is home of the delicious and famous taste of Phang-Nga and local products.

5Bang Phat Village

rural villages Ban Bang Phat - Phangnga

Another local community that we recommend you to put in your list. Bang Phat Village is at Bang Toei sub-district, Muaeng district of Phang-Nga where the place is traditional fisherman village at the seaside. The charming local lifestyle of the residents who maintain the old way of living by fishing. The tourists will experience the lovely friendship and kindness of the villagers, as well as the fantastic natural environment. The location considered an ecotourism destination that you would be regret to miss, tasting the fresh seafood and enjoy the homestay accommodation to be even closer to the gentle atmosphere created by nature.

6The adventure water park, “Dinosea World Park.”

Things to do in Phang Nga- Enjoy Dinosea World Park

Pang-Nga will not limit for the tourist resource of natural and local life, an amusement site where the young can enjoy also can find, as well. Dinosea World Park located over about 112,000 sqm of space at Khok Kloi, Takua Thung in Phang-Nga province not too far from Sarasin Bridge and Phuket International Airport, allocating into multi parts with up to 3 large sliders and 14,400 sqm pool. Moreover, lots of playthings installed into the saltwater pool with a world certified standard of the filter system. 

7The Hot Mud Spa at Khlong Marui

The Hot Mud Spa at Khlong Marui

Maybe a secret paradise for many travelers, nonetheless it’s worth for you to find for this wonderful nature-oriented spa “the Hot Mud Spa Khlong Marui” only one in Thailand. Known locally “Had Nam Ron” which means the hot water beach, the site provides the visitors to enjoy many activities. For example, sailing on “Rue Hua Thong,” the local southern style long-tail boat to see a pleasant nature, stomping around the warm softly sand, or soaking into the hot pool and hot mud spa before rinsing off into the cold water in the canal. It would be the beautiful moment of the vacation, wouldn’t it?

8Rommanee Hot Spring 

Rommanee Hot Spring

Another famous sightseeing among the tourist in Phang-Nga where to relax and heal your physical problem. It believes that the mineral water with the surface temperature between 40 – 63 degrees Celsius has a property to treat some of the physical illness, such as beriberi, rheumatism, paralyze, and palsy, for instance.

9Wat Tha Sai

Wat Tha Sai (Temple),Thai Muang, Phang Nga, Thailand

Or literally known in another title Wat Thesdhamanava, a magnificent Buddhist temple with the beautiful construction made from teakwood for whole structure next to the sea. The location surrounded by the abundant and lush She-oak forest. As the only temple at the seaside in the province, undoubtedly, Wat Tha Sai is another tourist attraction that the tourist should not miss.

10Benyaran Museum

Benyaran Museum in Phang Nga

One said that “If you would like to know the background story of the place you shall go to visit any local museum,” as well as “Benyaran Museum,” another must-visit attraction of Phang-Nga province you should not skip. This museum collected lots of attractive collection of the antiques and arranged to display in many buildings within the complex. For example, the hall exhibits old utilities of the people in the past, the building demonstrates the collections of old and rare coins and banknotes, or the building shows the items related to the armed force, such as warplane in World War and horse cartridge.

11Tree Cups Phang-Nga Coffee

Tree Cups Phang-Nga Coffee

A trendy coffee shop in the tree-house style which becomes a famous check-in spot of the tourists, especially the domestic ones. Tree Cups Coffee Shop located at Ban Khao Po, Krasom sub-district, Takua Thung district in Phang-Nga where the shop’s structure is set on the 17-meter high ironwood with gigantic root aged more than 300 years. The coffee place that you can immerse yourself in the touch of nature, verdant trees, gentle fresh air, and the breath-taking 180 degrees of Phang Nga Bay vista.

So, hopefully top 11 things to do in Phang Nga we introduced you in this article would brighten up your plan for the next vacation with a new thing. Surely, you would pin Phang-Nga one of the lists you will make the trip, indeed.


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