Nimman Road (Nimmanhaemin)


Nimman Road, the hipster district of Chiang Mai

The most stylish avenue in Chiang Mai where the place to gather the hipster from all directions here “Nimmanhaemin Road”. As the hub of things defined “trendy”, “fashionable”, and “in-trend” in this famous landmark in the north of Thailand. A vast number of chic shops and vendor stands with magnificent and creative decoration makes this place is the right commercial and entertainment street, indeed. The site is packed of various styles of residences, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, entertainment, coffee shops, bookstore, furniture & deco, art gallery, and more making this place is so vibrant. Undoubtedly, another must-not-miss spot in Chiang Mai.

For over 50 years, Nimmanhaemin, currently known as another central business district of Chiang Mai where the place is the center of goods and services including restaurant and bistro & bar. Specifically, Nimmanhaemin Soi 1 plays the role as the representative for the overall district that projects the unique characteristic of the people, art, and culture of Lanna excellently.

Background of Nimmanhaemin Road

Background and location of Nimman Road

Nimmanhaemin Road, a crucial business area of Chiang Mai, is connectable between Rin Kham Intersection and Suthep Road. The beginning of this road was when Gi and Gim Ho Nimmanhaemin donated the piece of land that covers the area from the foot of Suthep Mountain through Suan Dok Gate to the Thai Government to found Chiang Mai University in 1963. Presently, Nimmanhaemin became one of the most important commercial spots of the province which is plenty of shops, restaurant, accommodation, and entertainment resulted in the reputation as “the hippest street in Chiang Mai”.

Today, the road is under the administration of the Department of Highways that transferred from Chiang Mai Municipality Office. Hence, the place is considered to be a part of the highway number 11; also it is included in the outer ring road number 1 of Chiang Mai, as well. Further, it is connectable to Mahidol Road via the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) Wing 41 with the passing badge.

The highlight of Nimmanhaemin Road

The trip to Chiang Mai would not be cheerful without checking in at Nimmanhaemin or called in short “Nimman” road. At the place, you can enjoy shopping lots of chic and fashionable products and taste the deliciousness whether fine dine or local street food that is presented in anywhere of the street. And wrap up your trip here by sipping a cup of fine fresh brew coffee and homemade style bakery from numerous nice coffee shops on Nimman Road whose another nickname as “the coffee and dessert street”. It could say that this would be such a fantastic moment of your trip to Chiang Mai, and maybe one is not enough for you to visit here.

good food & drink & entertainment:

In the daylight, Nimmanhaemin Road offers you with the numbers of nice restaurants, café, shopping, beauty salon, and shopping malls like MAYA and Think Park. And if time is not your concern, we recommend you to stroll in every single alley within the site that is all connectable. Lots of shops with lovely and creative design are waiting for you to explore, plus most of them are free WIFI for the clients, too.

On the other hand, Nimman Road after the sunset turns to be the hip street for night out. Whether casual style pub with the lived music or vibrant beat bar is fantastic for the nightlife lover. The highlight places are Warm Up Café the remarkable destination of the party animal, Tawan Daeng the site for country and folksong music, Infinity the place with beat and dance.

Alternatively, for one that prefers softer ballad or easy listening with some delicious food, there’s a lot of pub and restaurants such as Dayli and Blah Blah Blah are the all right places for you, as well.

Insight Nimman Road

Nimmanhaemin Road consists of 17 alleys (without the number 14 and 16), and they are all accessible in the one-way drive. So, for any tourist that drives here can study the map and route before come over will help you for the direction in each alley. Each alley offers a large number of shops mainly in the Nimman Soi 1 with its outstanding character of Lanna style by the art, handicraft, furniture and decoration, and design of the shops.

Well, let’s have a look what fascinating of this vibrant street “Nimmanhaemin Road.”

Think Park

Think Park Nimman owned by the celebrated billionaire Tan Passakornnatee

Think Park Nimman owned by the celebrated billionaire Tan Passakornnatee. The creative style shopping mall locates at Rin Kham junction which is so-called the starting point of Nimmanhaemin Road. Think Park features the numbers of hip and chic shops with a broad array of products and services. For the visitor who drives to the venue, you can park at MAYA and walk across the street the Think Park will be more convenient. 

One Nimman

one nimman new shopping mall at Nimman  road

The newly new shopping mall at Nimmanhaemin district which stands elegantly at the Rin Kham junction. The outstanding western-style building in the orange brick structure contains 3 levels with the open space in the middle of the ground floor as the venue for any events. And there are numerous well-known restaurants all around the ground.

On the second floor is a shopping mall called “All One” that offers everything for shopping including fashion apparels, cosmetic, food, home appliances, gift & souvenir.

Nimmanhaemin Soi 1

Nimman Road Soi 1 Nimmanhaemin Art & Design Promenade

So-called the representative for the overall district of Nimmanhaemin. The place maintains its unique character of people, culture, and art of Lanna very well. The area is the hub of grade A shops that reflect the imagination and heedfulness in shop design and decoration that mostly is outstanding and attractive. The interesting shops such as Gong Dee Gallery, Mai Moong Ngern, Suriyan Chandra, and the aroma candle shop “Maew Jaidee.”

The handmade textile shops that project the jubilant pieces of work with the price from the hundreds to over the thousands per piece. Or many items of furniture and decoration shops that the place offers the most variety of furnishing item in Chiang Mai, including to art, design, architecture. Plus, the location is the venue of a remarkable event “Nimmanhaemin Art & Design Promenade,” annually too.

Nimmanhaemin Soi 9, the coffee street

Nimmanhaemin Soi 9, the coffee street

This is the ideal place for the coffee lovers, indeed. Along the road is plenty of the popular coffee shops and café from local, domestic, and international coffee house. The famous local brand “Wawi Coffee,” 94 Coffee, the global chain “Starbucks,” for example. And upright to the front street is Black Canyon, Mon Milk Café, To and Sod Café. And farther, Doi Chang Coffee, Maze Café, Doi Tung, and so on.

A vast number of visitors included hipster, student, office worker, and tourist both Thai and foreigners are gathered for a meeting, social life, relax, read the book, or taste the coffee intentionally. So, this is the fantastic place for the caffeine eaters as lots of selection of shop and brew that you can wander around.

The Paradise for the Gourmet

Nimman Soi 13:

Nimman Road Soi 13 The Paradise for the Gourmet

Nimarnhaemin Soi 13 a favorite starting point to take the tour at Nummarhaemin for many visitors with the numerous delicious dining rooms along the street. The Salad Concept, the place that gathers various menu of salad that anyone particular the health concern would love. Also, the site serves the creative fusion menus that you should try one; Larb Moo Salad (Pork Spicy Salad) the fresh green leaf wraps the savory, spicy minced pork salad with the colorful side-dish veggie – cucumber, tomato, and carrot, and Shitake Soup.

And not far from Salad Concept is the famous northern restaurant “Tong Tem To” that serves the delectable local style food with reasonable price. And it’s quite crowded at the shop from its reputation and deliciousness but still worthwhile to get the queue, though.

The highlight menus that many gourmets often order here are Northern Style Starter, Star gooseberry soup with ant eggs, Puff Ball Mushroom curry, northern mince pork spicy salad, etc. the food here is such a fantastic and reachable price with a start lesser than hundred Baht. 

Nimman Soi 9:

Zood Zood in Nimman Road

Besides the best spot for the coffee, Nimman Soi 9 is also the location of the local made-to-order food that is tasty and cheap “Zood Zood” restaurant. The shop with the indy decoration with the round-the-clock traffic of the customers.

Most of the dishes served here are seafood and the recommended menus such as Po Taek (Mixed seafood tom yum), Khao Ob Sapparot (fried rice with pineapple), seafood with the spicy dip. So, this is another should not miss spot for the food lover at Nimmanhaemin district for you to visit.  

Nimman Soi 7:

Khao Soi Nimman

And the must-not-miss menu when you visit Chiang Mai, partially at Nimmanhaemin is “Khao Soi” or northern style curried noodle, and it has to be this famous shop “Khao Soi Nimman.” The shop situates in Nimmanhaemin Soi 7 and serves not only the traditional style of noodle but also lots of other mouthwatering food, i.e., Khanom Cheen (rice vermicelli and various curries and dressing) and Giew Tod Grob (crispy wonton). And again, the price is not high. Khao Soi Nimman opens 11.00am-8.00pm daily.

Another notable restaurant is “Khua Gai Nimman” (the stir-fried rice noodle with chicken). The shop is next to a brand name ice-cream shop “iBerry” with the chillax atmosphere of both air-conditioned and open-air zone.

The signature of the shop is the stir-fried rice noodle is served on the hot-pan and topped with the Onsen Egg (Onsen style boiled egg) that goes well with the chili sauce. The shop opens every day from 9.00am through 9.00pm.

Nimman Soi 5:


Not only good as the meat dish, now, but we will also introduce some dessert place for the sweet tooth. Nimmanhaemin is also renowned as the “Bakery & Ice-cream street” with full ice-cream shops and dessert cafés. Mont Blanc is a should not miss trying for the ice-cream lover or Home Fresh Ice-cream at Nimmanhaemin Soi 5 that you will taste the delicious ice-cream with the friendly price.

Apart from that, the shop Mars, Ice Monster, or iBerry that outstanding from its unique yellow sculpture by the celebrated stand-up comedian, artist, and writer of Thailand “Note Udom Taepanich,” at the front of the shop.  

Nimman Soi 10:

wake up cafe chiang mai on Nimman Road

The lovely café called “Wake Up” that opens 24 hours stands next to the main road upfront of Nimmanhaemin Soi 10. The 2-story shop with Japanese style decoration with lots of yummy dessert and drinks, and photogenic corners for you to snap and update on your social media. 

So, Nimmanhaemin Road is the ideal place for the gourmets, indeed. The food shops here mostly operate to 8pm or 10pm, and around midnight for the café or some open 24 hours. Thence, your belly would not empty from food here.

Shopping Fashion at Nimman

Lots of fashion and accessory shops in Nimmanhaemin that you can update the trend and enjoy shopping – clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, handmade, textile. The shops like MiWa offers various sources of imported shoes and bags from Korea, Japan, Europe, and America with the lovely service from the shop owner as your personal stylist.

MiWa nestles in the project called “Jira & Wasa” inside Nimmanhaemin Soi 13. And another interesting shop in the same place is Mignone that is the right spot for the fashionista to stop by. Apart from the shop we mentioned, you also can find lots of shops that you can shop til you drop in every alley of the Nimamrnhaemin Road.

Ban Khang Wat

Further, from the central area of Nimmarhaemin, just only 15 minutes’ walk from the location is a new shopping place under the concept “local community” that is very interesting is “Ban Khang Wat” (the residence nearby the temple). Here you will experience the relaxing and pleasant atmosphere with the classic style of wooden building with a broad array of handmade products and DIY workshop.

So, this is an ideal place for the handicraft and DIY lovers, indeed. Also, the site features many lovely café and restaurants for you to chill out and indulge in a refreshing environment.

How to Get to Nimman Road

How to Get to Nimman Road by map

Nimmanhaemin Road is in Suthep district that is very convenient to get to the place by;

By Car:

–  From Chiang Mai town, drives along the Huay Kaew Road and passes Kad Suan Kaew. When you arrive at Rin Kham junction, then make the right turn to enter the Nimmanhaemin Road.

–  From the city and drives pass Suan Dok Gate to Suthep Road. And once you arrive at the junction of Chiang Mai Provincial Health Office then turn right to access Nimamrnhaemin Road.

By Public Transportation:

The tourist can get the Red pick-up truck service that you can catch from anywhere in Chiang Mai town. You inform the driver to go to Nimmanhaemin Road or Nimman Road that is more familiar with the local. And the price to the destination is about THB20 only. 


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