Haew Narok Waterfall

Haew Narok Waterfall in Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand

Haew Narok Waterfall, Khao Yai National Park, Nakon Ratchasima

The distinction of Haew Narok Waterfall is not only the biggest waterfall in Khao Yai National Park. But it also is the biggest one in the central region of Thailand as well. Everyday a lot of tourists come to the national park to witness the stunning scenery of the mighty white stream that is originated from gathering of many brooks and flows over the fall to hit the base with its gradient is 90 degrees, resulting in a high echo and splash diffusing around the area.

About the Place

The Haew Narok Fall nestles in the famous Khao Yai National Park in the south that is the route to go to Prachinburi province. It is so-called the most massive waterfall in the central territory. The location is an abundant tropical rain forest where is a source of water to Sa Mor Poon canal and many streams. Those streams are gathered to be a remarkable Heaw Narok Fall and flows over from the cliff vertically in about 90 degrees. The waterfall divided into 3 primary levels, the first level is 60 meters high, and flows to the second and the third level of the fall with its total height is more than 100 meters.

The water descends to a basin that is braced by the towering V-shape cliffs. The high and steep mountain plus the vast number of the water resulting in the roaring that echoes all around the mountain range. And it also creates the diffusing mist to cover all the area, creating the place to be mysterious and awe-inspiring. So that the people designate the location is “Haew Narok Waterfall” which means Abyss of the Hell Waterfall.    

Visiting the Haew Narok Waterfall

Haew Narok Waterfall in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

The first level of the fall is about 50 meters in its height. The second level is higher than the first one. In fact, there is a hiking trail of the national park to reach another side of the cliff to see the beauty of the second and the third level of the fall. Nevertheless, the location is restricted to the public since it is the way to go to the primary forest where various of wildlife look for the food. Anyone who would like to access the area needs to give the requirement to the national park office. And for the safety of the trail, the ranger will lead the tour for the tourist.    

So-called the best period to spot the stunning perspective of the waterfall especially the second and the third level is between September – October because it is the rainy season. The water drops from the cliff making a misty spray to cuddle all of the areas. In particular, 10 AM is a perfect time that the sunlight reflects the shower of the fall, resulting in a rainbow colour for the fall.

The Tragedy Behind the Fall

The Tragedy Behind the Fall

In the rainy season, the forceful water descends to the valley down below is so mighty and terrified particular when the water hits the rock. The area under the waterfall that is damp and slippery is the location to find food for the wild elephants. And regularly the elephant does not change the route to find food. Therefore, there are many tragedy news about the elephants that fall from the abyss time by time.

Behind the appearance of more than hundred meters of height of the waterfall, it is an extraordinary process by nature. The water had eroded the crag severely for over million years, created a high cliff with a 90 degrees angle. The site is called the “Tomb of Wild Elephant” and caused to the name of the waterfall at last.   

Geology of the Haew Narok Waterfall

The bridge goes into the forest to go to waterfall

In the old days, the location consisted of pyroclastic rocks laid down at the bottom of the mountain, and there was Korat group of pyroclastic rock piled up above the layer. And later in the early of Paleogene, the upheaval created a Korat Plateau resulted the stones were cracked and faulted. The rocks were worn down by rain and the stream from Tha Dan canal continuously. The strong force of the current together with the vast number of water in the rainy season caused by the collapse of the rock and became the high cliff at last.      

Things to Know before visit the Haew Narok Fall

  • Opens daily between 8.00AM – 5.00PM  
  • If you would like to enjoy the scene of the second and third level of the waterfall, please contact the national park officer to guide the tour according to safety and security.
  • The best period to see the 2nd and 3rd level of Hae Narok Waterfall is between September – October in particular at 10 AM. The location features a heart-taking the view of the sunlight shines through the water spray that creates a lovely rainbow. 

Travel to the Waterfall

Haew Narok waterfall at national park, Thailand

There are 2 alternative directions to go to Khao Yai National Park which are;

  • From Bangkok, uses the highway number 33, Suwansorn Road heads to Prachinburi. Then arriving at Nern Hom intersection, there is the road to go to Khao Yai on the left (highway number 3077). At the 21st -22nd km there is a junction to get to Haew Narok Waterfall. Then park the car at the gangway and walk about 1 km you will arrive at the first level of the waterfall. The park builds the walkway lining down along the rocks. And there is the viewpoint is in front of the pond and is the end of the accessible area of the fall. Farther is the location of the 2nd and the 3rd level that is a very harsh and dangerous trail. It is a forbidden area of the park that is not allowed for the visitors in general.
  • Another route is from Bangkok, uses Phahonyothin Road and drives pass Rangsit, Saraburi. And then take the right turn to enter to the highway number 2 or Mitraparb Road, drives by-pass Muak Lek until arriving at Pak Chong. Then shifts to the left when reaching the 56th km and there is signage to Khao Yai. Then cross over the bridge to enter to Thanarat Road, and head towards about 23 km will arrive at the checkpoint of the national park. Then head towards along the way which is curvy road about 15 km approximate and will reach Khao Yai National Park office. And to move forward to the Haew Narok Waterfall need to drives on the road number 3077 or the way to head down to Prachinburi.


For the accommodation, the national park provides the camping space at the Orchid Cliff (or Pha Klua Mai in Thai) with bathroom and W/C. And there are shops and food stalls, as well. For one who would like to stay the night at the Khao Yai National Park have to notice a requirement to the office by 4 PM on that day.    


The tourists who visit the waterfall in particular in the water season should be cautious while taking the tour. Keep away getting too close to the edge of the cliff since the rock is very slippery and the water is very forceful that is possible to endanger the visitors. So, keep in mind to be safety first.


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