Asiatique The Riverfront

Asiatique The Riverfront in Bangkok Thailand

Asiatique The Riverfront, explore a new landmark of shopping at the most magnificent location of Bangkok

Asiatique the Riverfront the largest horizontal shopping complex in Asia which locates nearby the Chao Phraya River between Charoenkrung Alley 72 – 76. The complex contains lots of shops and restaurants in various styles and classes including the panoramic breath-taking view of the Chao Phraya River. The place is so fantastic to chillax after long stress working hours or on weekends with the gentle cooling breeze. Asiatique the Riverfront arranged into zoning and called each part “Kodang” (means warehouse) followed to the original structure of the complex that is the former warehouse. The place is facilitated to access by personal car with ample space for parking and by BTS and get off at Saphan Taksin Station and transits to the public transport either bus or taxi. Alternatively, by the ship that operating by Asiatique itself at the Sathorn Pier with free of charge. The boat departs from the pier every 15 minutes, so that, it is very convenient for the tourists especially ones who stay at the accommodation nearby the Chao Phraya River.

Background of the Asiatique the Riverfront

A remarkable sightseeing and lifestyle shopping complex at the waterfront of the Chao Phraya River like Asiatique the Riverfront is becoming the iconic place for the shopping experience with its unique presentation plus an extraordinary scenery and construction. The architecture of this place performs the outstanding classical design in 1907 – 1947. Unsurprisingly, Asiatique is becoming the new landmark of Bangkok in a short time. 

Panoramic view of Asiatique the Riverfront

Before the Asiatique the Riverfront converted to be a magnificent landscape in nowadays. This piece of land, in the 18th century which is the same period of King Rama IV, many nations in Asia were invaded by the Colonist from Europe. Notwithstanding, with the long vision of the King Chulalongkorn of Chakri Dynasty that initially developed the country to be as equivalent as the developed countries. Thence, he considered making the relationship with the Kingdom of Denmark altogether to established a pier for East Asiatic Company appertained to Dennis Captain Hans Niels Andersen. The company operates its business with the teakwood trading to international market resulted in setting up the warehouse and port here, consequently, the beginning of the global trading between Siam and other countries all around the world this part of the vital key of success of Thailand to maintains its independence until then.

About the Asiatique the Riverfront

Asiatique the Riverfront opened officially on April 27, 2012, under the operation Thai Charoen Corporation Group or TCC Group with the mission to make the place as a new tourist attraction and landmark of Bangkok that locates next to the Chao Phraya River. The site divided into zoning of which features the visitors with diverse shops and eatery in Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Seafood, included the great performing arts that you have never seen at any other place before.

Asiatique the Riverfront established under the concept of “Festival Market and Living Museum” to be the Asia’s most significant tourist attraction and landmark nearby the river. The project designed with full facilities for tourism and lifestyle venue which are presented in zoning as by following; 

Charoenkrung District

One zone of Asiatique The Riverfront is Charoenkrung District

The zone allocated to be the location of gift and souvenir shops and also home decoration. Plus, there is a 400-seat theatre for one who loves in Traditional Thai art – Joe Louise Puppet or the glamorous performing show – Calypso. Also, lots of fine dining restaurants and eatery.

Charoenkrung District is right at the front adjacent to the Charoenkrung Road. Once you arrived at the location, you will spot the figure of a young Chinese guy is drawing the cart which is a checkpoint for the photo opportunity. This reminds us of the oldies age. The goods provided in this zone are home decoration, souvenir, bags, the commemorative t-shirt, and more. Over a thousand shops located in this area included the theatres and banks that allocated into 4 Kodangs (warehouse) are;

Kodang 1: Naraya shop, Japanese restaurant, Furniture, and home decoration shop.

Kodang 2: Restaurants and ice-cream shop.

Kodang 3: Calypso playhouse and Spa shops

Kodang 4: Joe Louis Puppet Theatre and shops

And the shops adjacent to Charoenkrung Road are leading food chain restaurants – KFC, The Pizza Company, MK Restaurant, Au Bon Pain, Dunkin’ Donuts, Joe Louis Restaurant, and Japanese Restaurant. And last but not least, the model of the vintage tram that the tourists can take the tour on this tram to any district within the Asiatique the Riverfront.

Town Square District

Kodang 6 – Food Circus at Asiatique the Riverfront

It is literally the meeting point of the place since there is a clock tower lofty stans at the centre of this ground. The area of the Town Square District is allocated to be the outdoor activity venue and international food zone where collecting an array of essential and famous foods from worldwide environed by the simple and relaxing atmosphere. The tourist also can enjoy the cold drinks with the chillax ambience at Asia House.

The Town Square District features the visitors with the attractive outdoor activities such as performing art show or live music that is the excellent place for the tourists to take a seat after shopping with some cold beer or drinks. This district offers you with more than 40 restaurants of which providing lots of delicious menus – Thai, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and more than you would never disappoint. The area divided into Kodang 5 – Fashion shops and Kodang 6 – Food Circus.

Factory District

The Factory District full with restaurants and pubs

This is a new hang out venue on Chareonkrung Road that collects numerous restaurants, bar and bistro, pubs, and chic shops. That is to say, it is the right place for meeting and chill out with friends or your family that provides you with full facilities for shopping and eating out in the evening. 

Kodang 9 – Factory District locates at the front of the riverside

The Factory District is designed based on the classic style of architecture with the old-style machinery since Siam Industrial Revolution Period. The buildings with over a century of age that decorated to match up with the conventional design but it maintains the unique appearance of oldies which is very charming for us to experience. The zone presents the visitors with lots of chic and stylish fashion shops – clothes, shoes, accessories, and so on. The Factory District locates at the front of the riverside included Kodang 7,8,9, and 10. And for anyone who transports by boat will spot this area once you are landing at the pier. 

Waterfront District

Waterfront District of Asiatique the Riverfront in Bangkok

Indulge with the panoramic view of the Cha Phraya River with the sweet, gentle breeze which is such a fantastic relaxing moment. The 300-walkway of the Waterfront District at Asiatique the Riverfront provides you with more than 300 eateries – Japanese, Thai, Italian, Chinese, and Seafood.

At the riverfront next to the pier is a perfect spot for the photo opportunity with the panoramic scene of the Chao Phraya River while you are enjoying the delicious food at the fine dining places such as Kodan Talay, Happy Fish, Capri, Brasserie Nine, Baab Khanitha Thai Cuisine, for instance.

Besides, Asiatique the Riverfront also ties in the story of old time to educate for the visitor via the archive format regarding any essential incidents included the way of life of the people living nearby the Chao Phraya River, the Trading with overseas in the Colonist period. Together with the telling of the glory of the architectural of art at that age through the renovation of the old constructions and edifices and also maintenance the old architectures as the original appearance as much as possible.

Asiatique Sky

Asiatique Sky or the giant Ferris Wheel

Furthermore, it could not be completed without mention to the giant Ferris wheel or formally called Asiatique Sky – an iconic symbol of the location with more than 60 metres high that towering stands to wait for one who loves the challenging experience with the bird’s eye view of the Chao Phraya River in the nighttime.  

Nonetheless, the Asiatique the Riverfront is continuously developing and expanding the project to serve the tourists’ need as a one-stop tourist landmark in Bangkok. For example, the Joe Louise Puppet Theatre that has performed the traditional Thai performing art and the light and sound show of the Calypso Cabaret, and more. Whether you travel with the pleasuring purpose or shopping fan or the photographer who seek for an outstanding view of Bangkok, Asiatique the Riverfront would be your excellent choice for you to check-in at the place for once in your life. 

Information about Asiatique the Riverfront

The ferry arrives to the Asiatique center's pier

Asiatique the Riverfront opens daily from 5.00pm to midnight.

How to get there: personal car, public boat services, cruising, express bus service (BRT), BTS (gets off at Saphan Taksin Station and takes the Asiatique Shuttle Boat with takes about 5 minutes).

Parking at Asiatique the Riverfront: The venue provides 2,000 cars capacity of parking located at the opposite of the project.


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