Nam Nao National Park

Amazing morning view of sunrise at Nam Nao national park

Enjoy the charms of cold breeze and splendid pine forest at Nam Nao National Park

Nam Nao National Park is one of the significant natural attractions in Phetchabun, a favored trekking haven with the fresh, windy climate and twinkled stars in the velvet sky. The fantastic woodland covers the space of two provinces; Phetchabun and Chaiyaphum. Thanks for the abundant land and towering mountain range resulted in the area is cool all year round, an ideal destination to explore the fresh nature, indeed.

In fact, Nam Nao National Park is in the property of Lom Kao and Nam Nao district in Phetchabun and Khon San district in Chaiyaphum. As the 5th national park, Nam Nao National Park recognized one of the most magnificent national parks in Thailand that is also the boundary line between northeast and north region. The place, in general, is a high mountain and plentiful forest where the source of many watercourses, and beautiful natural appeals within 966 of space.

landscape of Nam Nao National Park in Phetchabun

What makes this forest became top of the list destination among the travelers, in particular, one who loves in nature preferring to experience the cold air and refresh circumstance is the weather here is mild cold all year round with about 25 degrees Celsius in the average. Notably, the winter in December – January that is freezing, some year it reaches 0 degree Celsius! No doubt where the name of this place come from (Nam Nao means “the cold water”).

Where to check-in at Nam Nao National Park

The must-visit attractions within the area of Nam Nao National Park, including

1. Tham Pha Hong Scenic Point

lofty hill viewpoint of Pha Hong Cave

Accessing from the 39th km of the Route 12 (Don Sak – Chum Pae) about 300 meters by walks. The fantastic viewpoint here is lofty hill reachable by the 200-meter walkway ascending the mountain. On the top of the hill presents exquisite and charming scenery and last light of the day in the evening. Over there is a compact cavern with complicated nooks and fabulous stalactite and stalagmite. Additionally, a lovely home of various kinds of the bat, specifically “Marshalls horseshoe bat” that is rare species and nearly extinct. Around the area are bamboo wood and sharp overhanging rocks.

2. Suan Son Ban Paek (the Pine Wood)

Merkus pine tree in Suan-Son-Phu-Goom

Also known in another name is “Dong Paek” where you can access from the 49th km on road number 12 (Don Lom Sak – Chum Pae) by 5 km walks. The area is distinctive with the Merkus pine tree which is the only plant grows naturally here, while on the ground is the grassland and numerous hedge bamboo (Arundinaria pusilla) which made the venue is mind-blowing presence. Also, along the way to access this land is a mix of the evergreen rain forest and montane forest and you may spot many kinds of wildlife and birds, too. In the summer, which is from February to May, there are numerous wild orchids and diverse plants blossom.

3. Suan Son Phu Goom Khao

large size of pine trees

Another impressive pine forest, enter from the 53rd km on highway number 12 (Don Lom Sak – Chum Pae), good laterite pave about 15 km from the main road. The site is the three-needled pine (Pinus kesiya) forest that plentiful of large size of pine trees with 30 meters up to 40 meters high dominate over 10 of space. Undergrowth is pack with the dense cogon field and hedge bamboo. In the drought season, the forest gradually changing color from green to dark brown and return its fresh color again in the rains. In particular, in the rainy season, the forest is vibrant with diverse kinds of plants, creating a fantastic and picturesque landscape. Significantly, a low hill located here called “Phu Goom Khao” with approximately 880 meters high from the sea level is the highlight of the site. From the spot, you can see a panoramic view of over the top of pine trees at the eye level. A vast green space, so-called the sea of the pine tree and you also spot the sizable “Chulabhorn Dam (Nam Prom)” from afar, too.

4. Haew Sai Waterfall

pleasant atmosphere of Haew Sai Waterfall

The 20-meter waterfall provides a broad and deep basin underneath for the visitors to enjoy bathing and a massive overhanging rock hidden behind the perfect splash shelter when it’s raining. The place is the shady and pleasant atmosphere for leisure time, especially in the rains that is plentiful water and stunning beauty. Accessing to the fall is from the 67th km on road number 1 (Don Lom Sak – Chum Pae) about a kilometer by walks. Haew Sai Waterfall created from Sanam Sai Brook which is sourced from a stream, nestled inside the primary forest named “Dong Naeng,” flows through Sam Pak Khao Forest. Just so you know, the brook is a natural boundary between Nam Nao district in Phetchabun and Khon San district in Chaiyaphum.

5. Sai Thong Waterfall

height splash with refreshing climate Sai Thong Waterfall

About 500 meters distant from Haew Sai Waterfall is “Sai Thong Waterfall,” 30 meters wide and 4 meters in its height splash with refreshing climate, an ideal paradise for anyone to relax. In particular, the rainy season with plentiful water produces the enormous splash of 30 meters wide is such an incredible scene of nature.

6. Phu Pha Jit

Also called in another name is “Phu Dan E-Pong” can access at the 69th km of the Route 12 (Don Lom Sak – Chum Pae) about 12 km by feet. Although it’s not an easy path that takes 6 – 7 hours in the estimate to reach the destination, the delightful and welcoming forest is worthwhile for you to visit. The abundant land sited over the highland features flat space on the top environed by primary forest and mixed forest with the numbers of precious trees.

7. Phu Pha Klang Dong

Considered as the highest peak in Nam Nao National Park is 1,271 meters high above the sea level that reachable from the entrance at the 40th km on the road Ban Huai Sanam Sai – Lom Kao under control of Nam Nao National Park Ranger Unit 2 (Phu Pha Klang Dong) about 5 – 7 km by walks. A limestone mount that on the top features the splendid viewpoint with panoramic view. The area is a mix of the tropical rain forest and mixed forest and not far from the spot is the 850-meter cliff called “Pha Klang Loan” and “Pha Ton Hom” is 900 meters high that is fantastic vista waiting for you, as well.

8. Tham Yai Nam Nao

magnificent grand cave Tham Yai Nam Nao in Nam Nao National Park

Or another name is “Phu Nam Rin” that can enter at the 60th km on the route Ban Huai Sanam Sai – Lom Kao – Ban Hin Lad, the path is accessible by vehicle to the national park ranger unit 6 (Tham Yai Nam Nao) about 3 km distant. The venue is a limestone rock, 950 meters high from the sea level features the magnificent grand cave, marvelous stalactite and stalagmite within. Specifically, the highlight of the place is a habitat of numerous bats included rare species ones that almost extinct – Marshalls horseshoe bat, Large myotis, and Serotine. The 4.5 meters deep cave, interior partitioned to 3 parts, first is approximately 400 meters long with the path to access caves contain stalactite and stalagmite and rock pillars and at the end is fabulous rock formation. Second is about 400 – 1,000 meters traversing through the path that need to duck and climb. And the last zone of the cave is 1,000 meters in its distance that is a running stream.

9. Tat Pran Ba Waterfall

The entrance is at the 20th km on the route Ban Huai Sanam Sai – Lom Kao, a laterite road to the destination. The medium size waterfall descending from the 20-meter cliff is 2 levels. The place named after “Pran Ba” (Hunter Ba), a person who discovered this site and the term “Tat” is native language means “waterfall.”

10. Phu Kho Scenic Point

beautiful scenic point of Phu Kho in Nam Nao National Park

Located at the 46th km of highway number 12 (Lom Sak – Chum Pae). It’s another most beautiful scenic points, especially in the winter to witness the breaking dawn. The position presents a heart-taking vista of the pine forest of Suan Son Phu Goom Khao against the backdrop of towering peaks – Phu Kradueng and Phu Pha Jit. Besides, it’s a 4-km nature trail from the site to Tourist Center, too.

11. The Deciduous Forest 

At the area between the 63rd and 70th km of the road number 12 (route Lom Sak – Chum Pae) in December – January, annually the deciduous forest here starts shredding leaves resulting in the picturesque scenery. No doubt for one who has a chance to behold this seem like in heaven. Partially, area of Phu Lang Gong Gwian at the 61st km of the road.

12. The Nature Trail

Nam Nao National Park offers many routes of a nature trail for the tourist who would like to get closer to nature. For one who compelling the tour shall inform the national park officials in prior for the sake of safety. The nature trail at Nam Nao National Park is by following details;

  • Route 1: A 5 kilometers path starts from the junction near the national park office. Along the way you will see some wildlife, such as marten and diverse species of wild birds, in particular, in the rain season is the number of elephants. The road turns back to the national park office.
  • Route 2: Starts at the opposite side of national park office and walk through dry dipterocarp forest, and crosses saline land where elephant, deer, and other wildlife often come here. The trail destines at the national park ranger unit 4 (Sam Bon) about 8 km distant. And walking to the accommodation needs more 5 km of walk. Anyone who wants to continue your adventure in the wood shall use a flat road arranged by the national park begins at the ranger unit base and cut through the heart of the national park and end at the pine forest. The location spotlighted by the “Phu Goom Khao” cuddled by pine forest and you may spot many wild animals along the walk, such as wild elephant, deer, barking deer, etc. The distance from ranger unit base to the pine tree forest is 12 km in the estimate.
  • Route 3: The starting point of the trail is 800 meters away from the national park office. It is a trail to explore pine forest called natively “Pa Paek.” The traveler will see many pine trees grow along the path intermittently, also elephant, deer, barking deer, and sometimes you may spot the tiger’s footprint, too.

Apart from that, there are 3 routes of long distant nature trail which are the 15 km route to defeat Phu Pha Jit, Tham Huai Pralard Tour that is about 15 km round trip, and Pha Lom – Pha Klong Trekking is 7 km distant.

Tourist Information

Accommodation and Facility

Camping ground and tent in Nam Nao National Park

Camping ground and tent facility provided by the national park. For reservation and more information, please contact the national park office directly. The rental fee is between THB50 – 800 depends on the type and size of the tent and other tools.

Food and Beverage

Nam Nao National Park has a restaurant service to the tourist, as well as delivery service to the accommodation space.

Tourist Center

Tourist Center provides information about the park daily between 8.00am and 4.30pm.

Contact Center

Nam Nao National Park Office at call +66 5672 9002 or via email

Traveling to Nam Nao National Park

By Car:

Nam Nao National Park is about 103 km from the town of Khon Khaen province and 55 km away from Lom Sak district, Phetchabun. Traveling by car on road number 12 to the 50th km burrstone is a sign guide to the national park. It is the laterite road with approximately 12 km in its distance.

By Public Transport:

The tourist can get the public bus service to the destination either from Lom Sak district or Khon Khaen Town that travels pass the national park office daily.


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